Are You Ready for Fuerzabruta?

Back by popular demand, for four weeks only from 27th December 2012, is Fuerzabruta – which translated means  “brute force”. The show was a storming success when it was previously in London in 2006 and is now back at the re-named Roundhouse after a £30 million facelift and re-build. The Roundhouse is up and running as the most exciting venue in London, and spiritual hippies of all ages can once more gather in its precincts and go one step beyond.  Don’t miss your chance to see Fuerzabruta and find out why it was the most talked about show to hit London in decades.

Worlds collide, dreams are real and reality takes a back seat and Fuerzabruta features mind-blowing visual effects that are unbelievable.  The iconic image of a man bursting full throttle through a series of moving walls, and incredible scene in a watery world suspended inches above the audience – this is truly a theatrical experience that floods the senses.

Whats On Stage comments:

“Figures, like insects, are seen writhing around in a water tank. A huge glass pool starts to descend and we can see other creatures, swimming like embryos, or goldfish, or refugees from Dante’s inferno, speaking to us in their flailing gestures, spraying us gently with the liquid overspill.

How all this is created I cannot imagine. We have entered a different universe that nonetheless corresponds to our own. I don’t know what you do with tin foil. These guys have built a vertical wall of tin foil that they clamber up, swing from, rotate around and dance along like madcap circus performers in a lunatic Hollywood musical.”

Fuerzabruta is an all-standing rave of a show. There’s nudity (moderate), water (lots), and scenes of a poetic, violent and beautiful nature, all set to a thumping soundtrack. You may get wet, you may get dirty – bring friends and dancing shoes and prepare for visual and sensory overload.

Are you ready for Fuerzabruta?  If you think you are get on over to and book tickets now – remember this is a very strictly limited 4 week run only.

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