Taboo at Brixton Club House

The Brixton Club House in South London is currently staging a revival of the Olivier Award-winning Boy George musical, Taboo.

Co-creator Christopher Renshaw will direct and will be supported by writer Mark Davies Markham and Boy George.

Taboo brings us a muscial portrait of 1980s London. London experienced mass unemployment, social upheaval, a rebellion amongst young people expressing themselves in outrageous fashions.  The “New Romantics” led a trend which left a lasting impression on pop, fashion and social culture.

The story tells of a young girl and boy who were swept up in this exciting climate, alongside two other young men – Leigh Bowery and George O’Dowd.  Leigh was a brilliant, radical performance artist and designer; George was a rough-edged boy, arriving in London and becoming the crossover star of the scene – Boy George.

The stories are set against the background of Taboo, nightclub symbol of the excess and decadence of London in the 1980s.

Taboo is now open and tickets are currently on sale until 23rd December 2012.

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