Cirkus Cirkor - Underman Theatre Tickets

Showing at Roundhouse, London

Cirkus Cirkor - Underman

We do not curently have theatre tickets available for Cirkus Cirkor - Underman This could be because we have simply sold out or it could be that this show is no longer running. The information on this page remains purely for historical and informational purposes.

Renowned for creating circus on a grand scale, Swedish company Cirkus Cirk?r now take a more intimate approach with their latest production. Touching and artfully simple, Underm?n is an insight into the lives of circus performers and a tale of passion, love, Vegas and loss. Currently taking Europe by storm, the show now comes to the UK for the first time.

Underm?n is the Swedish term for the base in an acrobatic pair. The base, usually a man, is the one who lifts and supports the 'flyer', and is more often that not overshadowed by his partner's acrobatic skills.

This is the true story of three male 'undermen' whose relationships with their partners came to an end. Having lost their loves and their performing partners, their careers were left in doubt and their dreams were crushed. They had lived a life supporting, balancing, lifting and saving their cherished ones. But who would be there to support an abandoned underman?

In a bid to rebuild their lives, these incredible performers have thrown themselves into creating an inspiring performance with musician Andreas Tengblad that tells their tough, fragile yet funny journey. They break all the rules by stepping out of the shadow and into the limelight to fill the stage with an uplifting and unmissable show that inspires the feeling that anything is possible?

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