Sadler's Wells Family Weekend: Aracaladanza - Constelaciones Theatre Tickets

Showing at Sadler's Wells, London

Sadler's Wells Family Weekend: Aracaladanza - Constelaciones

We do not curently have theatre tickets available for Sadler's Wells Family Weekend: Aracaladanza - Constelaciones This could be because we have simply sold out or it could be that this show is no longer running. The information on this page remains purely for historical and informational purposes.

Aracaladanza- Constelaciones, inspired by Joan Miro's universe.

If a writer had to write with his eyes and a painter had to paint with his ears, how would a choreographer have to choreograph? We have never managed to find an answer but we are convinced that a smile can help us in the impossible dream of capturing the universe.

Aracaldanza have been irresistibly drawn to a painter: Joan Miro has entered our dreams; he has tinted our imagination with an explosion of colour, guiding us through a long journey. The result is Constelaciones.

This trip is not devoid of risks: we have consciously abandoned the secruity of what we knew to embrace a sense of freedom inspired by a master who has helped us in our discovery of other ways to look at the sky. He has also invited us to accept and coexist with the unqiue rhythm intrinsic to each piece; to each proposal; to each work of art. Miro has taught us that fidelity is a main feature in the practice of an artist. Only by fighting to be faithful to your intuition will you achieve a creation that is communicable.

Imagine a beach. The tide is low. Sand is wet and smooth. There isn't a footprint. It's like a clean blacboard. You have a stick in your hand, or you might not. Because you only have your fingers...

You crouch. You don't know what to draw. You don't want to spolit the sand but, if you look far away, you can see the beach is very big; there is plenty of sand. So you decide to paint , and digand let your feet and your hands sink. You approach the shore carefully; you know a wave could soak you. It could erase your drawings, your sculptures, everything you have created with your hands.

That's exactly how Joan Miro painted, sculpted or knitted. And that is how we have done to create Constelaciones which is Aracaladanza's third work based on a visual artist's opus. We have worked with some of the colours and shapes Miro used. Then, we have given them movement and placed them on stage. We have imagined absurd stories. We have done is beacuse we find it amusing.

If you have fun, we will be satfisfied and we will be even happier if, after having seen our performance, you have ideas and let them flow!

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