The Papier Heart Theatre Tickets

Showing at 563 NOT IN USE, London

The Papier Heart

We do not curently have theatre tickets available for The Papier Heart This could be because we have simply sold out or it could be that this show is no longer running. The information on this page remains purely for historical and informational purposes.

Everything that you wanted to be, but everything that you were too afraid to try and be. These are the cracks in our life. The cracks that change us. The cracks that we paper over because we're too scared to confront them. Peering into the biggest crack of his life so far, a frightened teenager totters on the edge of the chasm between childhood and adulthood. No amount of paper can cover up this one. Instead, all he can do is look back, tear up all the paper covering the cracks in his life, and somehow find a way down into the gaping hole of adulthood.

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